Monday, August 4, 2014


Any recommendations for a good family attorney near Chino Hills, Ca?

I am in the middle of a divorce case and originally had a case hearing on 8/4/2014. Unfortunately, found out that my attorney is currently suspended and is not eligible to practice. The attorney had also settled with the opposing party when I haven't agreed to anything specifically yet which means the case hearing has been taken off the callendar and I'm currently very not satisfied. So I need to find another attorney fast and help me get my case back up. Any suggestions on what to do? The court is in San Bernardino so I need someone who's really familiar with the system. Get their number and interview them. Make sure the attorney is right for you before hiring them. If you don't feel completely comfortable with the attorney, don't hire him!                              

  1. Gina Marie Famularo


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    Answered . Your best bet is to ask around. Ask other people who have gone through a divorce. If you still cannot find someone you feel comfortable with, go to your local courthouse and sit in the courtroom. When you find an attorney you are impressed with, ask his or her client about the attorney.

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